100% Grass-Fed Beef

Hand-selected by our Master Graders, our 100% Grass-Fed beef is tasty, tender and juicy every time. 

100% Grass-Fed Lamb

Sweet and succulent – our restaurant quality cuts of deliciously tender New Zealand lamb.

Pasture-raised Venison

Lean, delicate and delicious – our best cuts of New Zealand pasture-raised venison. 

Make delicious happen at your place.

  • Top Sirloin Steak and Eggs with Italian Salsa Verde
    Top Sirloin Steak and Eggs with Italian Salsa Verde
    Holiday meals stretch beyond the dinner occasion and some days call for a simple breakfast that will not only feed a crowd but impress at the same time! Silver Fern Farms Net Carbon Zero Top Sirloin Steak with salsa verde and sunny-side-up eggs makes for a breakfast that’s indulgently hearty and delicious. ~ @kristenfaith_eats
  • Venison Pot Roast
    Venison Pot Roast
    Here’s a twist on a classic: It’s a pot roast made with Silver Fern Farms Pasture-Raised Venison Roast, potatoes, and carrots. It’s slow-roasted and perfect for chilly weather. ~ @kristenfaith_eats

Try Silver Fern Farms 100% Grass-Fed beef and lamb, and pasture-raised venison.