Our Beef Range

Our 100% Grass-Fed beef is always great tasting.

Hand-selected by our Master Graders, our delicious beef is tasty, tender & juicy every time.

Getting a consistently tender piece of beef isn’t always a sure thing. That’s why we developed our beef range to fit the tastes of consumers, with two years spent independently testing 97,000 samples of beef to determine beef lovers’ true preferences.

Simply add a few fresh ingredients and a dash of inspiration, to create new taste sensations with your favorite Silver Fern Farms beef cuts. A crush of garlic, a rub of spice, a sprinkle of fresh herbs. So give yourself the best shot at delicious, fire up the grill and get started.

Our Promise

Our Net Carbon Zero by Nature* Range.

At Silver Fern Farms, doing right by people, animals and the environment is part of who we are – it’s in our nature. That is why we are proud to introduce New Zealand’s first certified Grass-Fed, end-to-end Net Carbon Zero range. 

You can trust that 100% of end-to-end Greenhouse Gas emissions are measured and then balanced out by verified woody vegetation that is actively absorbing the equivalent amount of CO². This vegetation only occurs on farms that supply us with 100% Angus beef cattle.

*Climate impacts in relation to the raising of animals have been addressed in accordance with the Toitū net carbonzero standard. Refer to silverfernfarms.com/carbon for further information.

Care you can trust, and taste

Our Promise

Delicious Starts with a sustainable approach to farming​

100% Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb, and Pasture-Raised venison