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Strong companies are grounded in a foundation of good governance.

Silver Fern Farms Limited is a 50:50 partnership between Silver Fern Farms Co-operative and Shanghai Maling.

Our governance policies are regularly reviewed to make sure they are consistent with best practice, ensuring our future as a world-leading food company.

Our Board of Directors

Our Directors are responsible for our company’s corporate governance and strategic direction. The Board is made up of 5 directors from Silver Fern Farms Co-operative and 5 directors from Shanghai Maling, two of whom are New Zealand residents.

  • Rob Hewett - Co-Chair
    Rob became the Chairman of Silver Fern Farms in December 2013. He was elected to the Board in February 2008.
  • Jane Taylor
    Jane Taylor is a professional director, with a strong background in both law and finance.
  • Dan Jex-Blake
    Dan was elected to the Board in 2013. He is the Managing Director of Mangapoike Ltd, a 24,000 stock unit pastoral farming company near Gisborne.
  • Yanjuan Xu
    Ms Yanjuan Xu holds a Masters degree in Accounting and is the Deputy Director of Finance of Shanghai Maling Aquarius Co. Ltd.
  • Tim Gibson
    Tim Gibson joined the board April 2020 and is a current Director on the Boards of Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), Miraka Limited, and Port Otago Limited.
  • Ru He
    Ms Ru He holds a Master in Finance and Economics and has a bachelor degree in financial management from Shandong University of Finance and Economics.
  • Richard Young
    Richard operates a 300ha sheep and cropping property at Tapanui, West Otago. He was elected to the Board in 2013.
  • Sam Robinson
    Mr Sam Robinson is a hill country farmer from Central Hawke’s Bay. Sam brings strong governance experience in New Zealand agribusiness and extensive red meat industry expertise to Silver Fern Farms.
  • Simon O’Connor
    Simon joined the Silver Fern Farms Board in January 2023 and is a passionate supporter of the immense value that the agriculture sector brings to New Zealand.

Our Executive Committee

The role of our Executive Committee is to oversee the development and delivery of strategy and business plans. Our Executive Committee is made up of a talented and dynamic group of individuals that bring a wealth of complementary experience to their roles and an intimate knowledge of their specialist areas to spur the business forward.