Lamb dish on a table next to a sauce ramekin

Our Lamb


In balance with nature

We believe in a way of farming that cares for our animals and the planet - because that's how you create the very best red meat.

We ensure that for each pack of lamb, all the emissions are balanced out by our farmers who are planting and growing trees and caring for native bush, ensuring these plants actively take carbon from the atmosphere. So you can enjoy the goodness of Silver Fern Farms Net Carbon Zero by Nature grass-fed lamb while supporting farmers who care for the land and their animals.

As part of Silver Fern Farms' commitment to transparency at every step, we have included the carbon footprint on each pack.

Delicious Starts Here

  • Naturally raised, free-range
  • Subtly sweet and deliciously tender
  • Lean, trimmed and boneless cuts
  • Ideal portion sizes, convenient to prepare
  • Vacuum-packed for freshness
  • Certified Net Carbon Zero

Delicious Starts Here

Whether it's our farmers out in the paddock, our graders and butchers in the plant, or any one of us in our own kitchen, we take great care at every step. Just ask any one of our people where delicious starts and they'll tell it to you straight: the buck stops here.