We are aware that scammers are impersonating international employment consultants offering visas for fake positions at Silver Fern Farms. We do not use international employment consultants. If you are interested in working for Silver Fern Farms, you should only apply for roles via our careers website or our verified accounts on Seek.co.nz, Trademe.co.nz or LinkedIn.

The back of three farmers walking through a sheep paddock at sunset.

What We’re Made Of

From our Silver Fern Farmers, graders and butchers to any one of us in our own kitchens, we understand that the ability to make delicious is in the way we approach our product, from start to finish, from pasture to plate.

This is what we’re made of.



Delicious is Care.

Whether it's our farmers out in the paddock, our graders and butchers in the plant, or any one of us in our own kitchen, we take great care at every step. Just ask any one of our people where delicious starts and they'll tell it to you straight: the buck stops here.



  • Why should I buy my red meat from Silver Fern Farms?
    Silver Fern Farms is supplied by approximately 16,000 family farmers across New Zealand — and each one of those farmers knows that raising flavourful, high-quality red meat requires more than just expertise and hard work. It requires care, passion, and respect, and those values play a role in every part of our business. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional red meat, but we make it a priority to do so responsibly. That’s why we follow the principles of the five freedoms for animal welfare and implement initiatives to minimise our environmental impact. It’s why we’re a founding member — and the only red meat company — to join New Zealand’s Climate Leaders Coalition. When you buy from Silver Fern Farms, you’re not just buying delicious red meat — you’re buying into the humane treatment of livestock, sustainability, and a community of independent farmers.



  • What makes Silver Fern Farms’ grass-fed meat different?
    Our ability to grow nutritious grass year-round means our farmers can raise animals with a light touch, allowing them to lead as close to a natural life as possible. The result is lean, tender red meat with a cleaner and more complex flavour than grain-fed meat. 



  • How does grass-based farming work in New Zealand?
    Most of the land used for livestock in New Zealand is unsuitable for crops, making pastoral farming a highly sustainable alternative. Our grass-based system optimises natural resources and uses low-intensity farming practices to minimise environmental impact. Using a natural abundance of rainwater to grow grass, farmers optimise livestock to match the natural grass growth curve. 



  • Are the animals given any growth hormones/HGP (hormone growth promotants)?
    None of our animals are ever given growth hormones or promotants.



  • Is your beef, lamb and venison Halal?
    All of our beef and lamb products are halal certified. Our venison is not halal certified.


Delicious is Care, Delicious is Passion, Delicious is Sunshine, Delicious Starts Heres.