Silver Fern Farms' Matt Luxton, Director of Sales, USA, Speaks to Regenerative Ag

Published by Deli Market News

Silver Fern Farms commits to its course for a sustainable future

Sustainability has become one of the buzzwords that prickle the ears of consumers, and therefore buyers looking to sell to them. But what about going beyond the recyclable nature linked with this to regenerative?

Matt Luxton, Director of Sales, USA at Silver Fern Farms Ltd., recently penned a piece on the company’s view of the necessity of sustainable practices and what this latest concept could mean for the future of our industry and all that it serves, and existing practices already paralleling the term.


Matt Luxton, Country Manager USA/North America, Silver Fern Farms“Regenerative farming could provide some clues to a sustainable solution or contribution to our global climate problem, and point to the future direction of agriculture more generally. Those who practice it nobly aim to benefit their own farm’s animals and soils looking after the natural environment and combatting land degradation,” Luxton writes. “While adopting regenerative farming practices could be a meaningful future for agriculture, New Zealand’s grass-fed farming systems already mirror some of the principles that advocates of regenerative farming techniques are promoting.”

Regenerative ag, according to Regeneration International, is “farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity—resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle.”

Silver Fern Farms, Luxton points out, has long held a commitment to sustainable practices in farming for its grass-fed red meat. In addition to existing methods being integral to the company’s practices, he shares that Silver Fern is constantly exploring new ways to create positive change for the environment with their farmers.


Silver Fern Farms, Luxton points out, has long held a commitment to sustainable practices in farming for its grass-fed red meat

“Just like many agricultural producing nations around the world, interest in regenerative agriculture is building a head of steam in New Zealand, as we all consider our path to a more sustainable future. Whatever that future holds, whatever aspects of regenerative systems prove their worth in leading us to a better world, Silver Fern Farms wants to play a role in lighting the way,” Luxton promises.

To read the letter in full, including data explaining New Zealand’s existing strides in helping lead the sustainability charge on a global scale, click here. And to follow all the latest burgeoning practices and technologies helping unlock future success for industry, continue to read Deli Market News.