Silver Fern Farms Expands Retail Range to Southern California and Launches New Premium Rib-Eye and New York Strip Steaks

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Silver Fern Farms commits to its course for a sustainable future

NEW YORK — Silver Fern Farms is launching a new direct-to-consumer e-commerce website to provide their premium quality grass-fed red meat products from the rolling New Zealand pastures to customers’ doorstep across the continental United States. New Zealand’s largest red meat producer and exporter, Silver Fern Farms aims to be the most sustainable grass-fed red meat company in the world.

Given the ongoing global health crisis, people are looking for safe and convenient alternatives to meet their food purchasing needs. The increased demand for accessible food products has led to the exponential growth of online shopping in the recent months, a trend that is here to stay with an expected 41% increase in customers purchasing groceries online following Covid-19. 

To meet customers where they are, Silver Fern Farms is bringing its range of lean, tender and flavorful red meat to the e-commerce space. Grill enthusiasts and sustainability conscious customers alike can now experience a taste of New Zealand in every bite through their delicious, premium beef, lamb and venison products.

Silver Fern Farm’s USA e-ecommerce launch is the latest in the company’s commitment to provide customers with the best red meat experience, having established a retail footprint in the New York city and metro areas in 2019 and in Southern California and Midwestern states in 2020. During the supply chain disruptions resulting from Covid-19 Silver Fern Farms has worked to ensure production continuity, enabling them to increase their export supply to the U.S. at critical times.

With a taste and texture unique to New Zealand’s grass-fed agricultural practice, Silver Fern Farms’ premium red meat products can be purchased on the company’s new online platform through a range of expertly curated bundles and an a la carte option to fit the individual needs of each customer. Silver Fern Farms is also introducing a new product that will be available for the first time to U.S. customers, their Beef Flat Iron Steaks.

The curated bundles include:

For customers who would like to try a bit of everything, Silver Fern Farms also offers mixed bundles that showcase its diverse range of products:

  • The Best of Silver Fern Farms, includes two New York Strip Steaks, two Rib Eye Steaks, two packs of Lamb Steaks, two packs of Lamb Medallions, two packs of Venison Medallions, and two packs each of Premium Ground Beef, Premium Ground Lamb and Premium Ground Venison.
  • The Premium Steak Bundle, includes two Rib Eye Steaks, two New York Strip Steaks, one pack of Flat Iron Steaks, two packs of Lamb Steaks and two packs of Venison Medallions.
  • The Chef’s Collection, includes two New York Strip Steaks, two Rib Eye Steaks, two packs of Venison Medallions and two packs of Lamb Medallions.
  • The Burger Bundle, features two packs each of Premium Ground Beef, Premium Ground Lamb and Premium Ground Venison.

All products on the e-commerce site are expertly prepared and frozen at peak freshness to preserve quality and ensure product safety. They are available for delivery in the continental United States. Silver Fern Farms beef and lamb is 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised, with no added hormones or antibiotics ever, and no feedlots ever.

“We are excited to bring our products to the doorstep of our customers across the United States,” said Matt Luxton, Country Manager USA/North America for Silver Fern Farms. “We are living in an unprecedented time, but this e-commerce launch presents us with an opportunity to make our products more accessible while efficiently and safely meeting the demand for high quality red meat products.”

Silver Fern Farms’ new e-commerce site also features a range of delicious and innovative recipes and cooking tips to inspire the home cook to create the best red meat dishes and make the dining experience even more extraordinary. Diverse recipe options can be browsed by product range and product cut.

The new website offers information for customers wanting to learn more about the New Zealand product origin, and the superior farming and animal-raising practices of hardworking Kiwi farmers dedicated to raising their animals with care and respect, and producing red meat with exceptional texture and flavor.


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