Beef Medallion power salad on a white plate

Our Beef


Our grass-fed beef is always great tasting.

Hand-selected and aged, our delicious beef is tasty, tender & juicy every time.

Simply add a few fresh ingredients and a dash of inspiration, to create new taste sensations with your favourite Silver Fern Farms beef cuts. A crush of garlic, a rub of spice, a sprinkle of fresh herbs. So give yourself the best shot at delicious, fire up the grill and get started.

Delicious Starts Here

  • Grass-fed, pasture raised beef
  • Graded for Eating Quality
  • Hand-selected by Master Graders
  • Aged with care
  • Lean, trimmed and boneless cuts

Delicious Starts Here

Whether it's our farmers out in the paddock, our graders and butchers in the plant, or any one of us in our own kitchen, we take great care at every step. Just ask any one of our people where delicious starts and they'll tell it to you straight: the buck stops here.