Supplier Update 24 June 2022

By Silver Fern Farms

Supplier Update 10 June 2022

In just under two weeks we’ll be wrapping up our 2022 Plate to Pasture Farmer Conference. This event is always a highlight, both as an opportunity to connect and celebrate with suppliers, as well as to share the latest insights and initiatives that are driv-ing our business. We have received a record num-ber of registrations this year and it’s shaping up to be an excellent event. 

At our 2021 Farmer Conference in Wellington Silver Fern Farms made some bold commitments, and in my closing remarks I said I was expecting to get some feedback and perhaps even criticism for our approach. In fact, I said I’d be disappointed if we didn’t get that feedback, because it probably meant we hadn’t been bold enough and we weren’t leading from the front. 

I’m confident we’re heading in the right direction, and I look forward to sharing further announcements and bold initiatives with our suppliers at our 2022 event in a few weeks’ time. 

We have deliberately sought to bring a diverse range of external perspectives to the conference.

We don’t expect these perspectives to be an en-dorsement of what we are doing, and in some in-stances they may even challenge our work. Howev-er, it’s important suppliers are given an opportunity to hear these different perspectives directly, ask ques-tions, and engage with differing views constructively, and there’s no better forum to do so than a confer-ence filled with hundreds of the most passionate and progressive farmers in New Zealand.

Registrations are closing soon – click here to register now and get inspired for the season ahead. We hope to see you there. 

In this week’s update – processing pressure and wait times are easing, bobby calf bookings have gone digital, a reminder on lamb presentation guidelines, upcoming changes to OSPRI's eASD system, and the latest from the markets. 


Mānawatia a Matariki – enjoy the long weekend.

Ngā mihi,