Flavours of New Zealand on the menu with Silver Fern Farms’ new burger range

By Silver Fern Farms

Flavours of New Zealand on the menu with Silver Fern Farms’ new burger range

"Posted" 02/02/2021

Silver Fern Farms introduces its Honest Burger range, for burger lovers who are serious about quality. The range showcases delicious home-grown flavours, from farm to forest, by combining New Zealand’s finest pasture-raised beef, lamb and venison with hints of uniquely New Zealand ingredients.

Silver Fern Farms’ Honest Burger range includes beef burgers with horopito pepper, lamb burgers with kawakawa herb, beef & lamb burgers with Mānuka smoked salt, and venison & lamb burgers with kelp sea salt. The range has no artificial flavours or preservatives and is gluten-free.

Silver Fern Farms Group Marketing Manager Nicola Johnston says that the premium red meat producer is delighted to translate the gourmet experience its customers already know and love through to burgers, which are a staple in many Kiwi households.

 “With barbeque season well and truly upon us we hope that meat lovers will take the opportunity to try this new premium burger experience, which uses high quality ingredients to create a base for nutritious and delicious meals and is something a bit different. Making burgers at home shouldn’t mean choosing between quality and convenience, which is why we’ve introduced a gourmet option that satisfies both,” says Ms Johnston.

 “True to the name, there are no surprises in our Honest Burgers, just good natural ingredients. Our Honest Burgers are 97% New Zealand red meat paired with New Zealand herbs and seasonings so they’re a great choice for people who are focused on making healthy food choices, who might typically make their own burger patties at home,” says Ms Johnston.

 “They are tender and juicy with a great texture and the subtle hint of uniquely New Zealand ingredients really makes these burgers stand out, while staying versatile enough that each one tastes great with any number of ingredient combinations from the fridge and pantry,” says Ms Johnston.

The burgers provide a high quality and nutritious option for at-home cooks, with the added convenience of being portioned into generous 125g patties which are delicately seasoned and ready to grill. There are four patties per pack, making Honest Burgers the perfect no-fuss option for any occasion from entertaining with a backyard barbeque to quick and easy family meals.

The burgers are a fantastic option for consumers that care about the provenance of their food, with all of Silver Fern Farms’ meat being pasture-raised and grass-fed on New Zealand farms. Silver Fern Farms is committed to sustainable practices and in 2019 became the first red meat processing company to be CEMARS (Certified Emissions Management and Reduction Scheme) certified.

Silver Fern Farms’ Honest Burger range is available nationwide from today in most Countdown stores, alongside Silver Fern Farms’ full range of premium red meat products. Customers can look out for the Honest Burger range’s bright and colourful packaging in the meat section.