Meet Our Farmers

Resourceful and determined, Silver Fern Farmers work hard all year round to ensure together we produce the best red meat in the world.

  • Hamish and Debby Galletly
    Best In Show - Originally the “worst piece of land” in the district, the Galletly family have worked on their Waiau farm for generations, turning it around to win the 2018 Silver Fern Farms Plate to Pasture Award.
  • Will and Abbie Foley
    Giving Back to the Land - A dramatic transformation in their son’s wellbeing thanks to a change in diet was the catalyst for Will and Abbie Foley to explore regenerative farming.
  • Ross and Jo Hay
    Family Values, Global Success. - As Charlie, Phoebe and Archie Hay return from a busy day at school, they run up the dusty winding road that travels across rolling green fields dotted with sheep and turn into their driveway on the family Silver Fern Farms ‘Springbank’ farm in North Otago, just out of Oamaru.
  • Mike McCreary and Liz Casey
    Silver Fern Farmers Mike and Liz McCreary are part of a new generation of farmers and their guardianship of the land extends to creating one of the best finishing farms for grass-fed lamb in the world.