Limited edition, Traceable, Ethical

Premium leather of New Zealand

Introducing Ethical, Traceable - Net Carbon Zero Leather 

In proud partnership with Silver Fern Farms New Zealand and utilising our world-leading Net Carbon Zero by Nature farm system, Tasman Leathers has crafted an exclusive range of limited edition, premium grade, traceable, net carbon zero leathers.

From beef cattle grass-fed 365 days of the year, GMO and antibiotic-free, these leathers are fully traceable to the farms from which they are sourced. Each Silver Fern Farm is a voluntary participant in the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme which helps ensure compliance to the highest standards of animal welfare.

The carbon footprint of the leather is balanced out through on-farm plantings of native and woody vegetation. Payments to farmers for these carbon removals are then reinvested to boost further native plantings and biodiversity on New Zealand farms, ensuring our eco-friendly practices continue to grow.