Silver Fern Farms - New Brand Campaign

By Silver Fern Farms

Silver Fern Farms - New Brand Campaign

"Posted" 20/09/2022

Introducing our new US campaign – Delicious Starts Here

We are excited to introduce our first US brand campaign. We are investing in a digital media campaign that asks the question “Why is Silver Fern Farms’ red meat so consistently good’?

We have partnered with US celebrity chef & influencer Max Greb (aka Max the Meat Guy) to explore this question in our new video advertisement. To find out what makes Silver Fern Farms meat so good, Max goes to the source and speaks to a few of our Silver Fern Farmers to find out what they do differently to produce such high quality, delicious red meat.

Our farmers tell the story of our unique grass-based farming system, the importance of caring and protecting the land and environment for future generations, the care and respect for the animals and how this care on farm is reflected in the quality and flavor of the meat we produce.

Watch the full campaign below.


Consumer Insight

This campaign is aimed at conscious consumers who love meat, but do not love the emotional baggage that comes with eating it. These consumers are trying to balance their love for food, with the desire to do what is best for the planet.

People want to make better choices when it comes to their food. Some are resorting to turning away from red meat, while others are looking for brands that they can feel good about purchasing. We are showing them that Silver Fern Farms is the better choice and represents the future of delicious red meat.

There is a well-established connection between animal welfare and tastier meat, but we think there is even more to it than that. Pasture and soil care are increasingly recognized as key factors in producing healthy animals and promoting environmental wellbeing.

The commitment and passion of our farmers and the management and care they provide at every point are messages that we want to share with the consumer. Everything our farmers do, is done with care. Care for producing the best meat for the world, care for their livestock, the land and caring for the future of our planet.

Silver Fern Farms products are available nationwide from premium selected retail outlets or via our online store, delivering directly to your door.